Thursday, December 19, 2013

NFL Extra Points Card Offers The Coolest Credit Card Rewards Ever!

Local new reporters have to appear at the scene of all sorts of tragic and mundane events. But for a personal finance journalist, the beat isn't so bad.

A couple of weeks ago, me and my friend Sean had the opportunity to attend a Denver Broncos football game to learn more about the benefits of their NFL Extra Points credit card. But we didn't just attend the game, we had a pre-game sideline pass and were in the tunnel when the players left the locker room and headed out to the field. These are both experiences that are not offered for sale, but cardholders can redeem their reward points for. You can read all about it over at Card Journalist.

Of course, our Broncos beat the Tennessee Titans, and we witnessed Matt Prater kick the record 64-yard field goal.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Contributing To CreditNet

What I love about the annual Financial Bloggers Convention is that it gives everyone in this field a chance to meet each other and begin new working relationships.As a result, I am now contributing to Creditnet, which has been a credit card information site since 1995, back when few people even knew how to use the Internet.

My first post is a review of the best balance transfer credit cards this winter, a timely subject considering how many cardholders will incur debt over the holidays.

I especially like the profile of me that they wrote. Sitting in my office all day long examining the terms and conditions of various credit card offers, I forgot how interesting I am!