Thursday, June 28, 2012

Airline Gouge Young Parents, Credit Cards To The Rescue

I actually enjoy traveling with children. I love introducing them to family and friends around the world, and I even revel in the sense of wonder they exude during the journey. Yet, myself and other new parents have discovered the most obnoxious airline charge, the international lap child fee.

I wrote a piece about it for Money Talks News, which has since gotten picked up by Yahoo Finance. I am posting all of this here at Steele Street for three reasons:

  1. Educate people about this outrageous fee, and how to avoid it.
  2. Illustrate how my experience in travel, personal finance, and credit cards often intersect in stories like this.
  3. Show how I write a piece for one outlet that gets carried on others.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hello T-BEX Friends!

Travel Blog Exchange
Last night was the first of several kick off parties for the Travel Bloggers Exchange conference in Keystone Colorado this weekend. So far, I have discovered such an awesome crowd of bloggers that I am just thrilled to meet. Writing is a solitary pursuit, one on one with a keyboard. Therefore, it is such a privilege to be surrounded not just by other writers, but those who share a passion for travel writing online. I have no doubt that as this conference unfolds, I will be discovering all sorts of new directions for my work.

If you stumbled across this site after getting my business card, check out the links on the right to all the sites I am currently writing for. Where possible, these links are to just my writing within those sites.

My Column In Print: Have Miles Will Travel

I suppose I must be doing something right, because my first ever print article Beauty Among The Beasts has resulted in a regular column at Out of Denver Magazine.  The first edition titled, Making Your Miles Work For You, And Others hit the shelves recently.

I am sure that the novelty and thrill of appearing in print will fade, but so far it is taking more than two articles.