Monday, March 24, 2008

I Won at Travel/Web Searching/Geography Fun

My good friend Eric "The Razor" Meadows over at Meadows Lane may be the President of the American Poker Players Association, but it appears I have just won an AT&T Samsung BlackJack cell phone, plus $500 in service at the Conde Naste's Perrin Post Blog.

They are holding a contest called Where's Brook, in which each day they post a photograph taken by writer Brook Wilkinson. With the first picture, there was little way to tell what part of the world she is in, and it took some determined deductive logic to get anywhere close. Travel experience, geographic knowledge, and skilled Google image searching took me the rest of the way.

After I correctly identified the first photo as having been taken in Costa Rica, the contest got only slightly easier as I could narrow it down to a single country at best, region at worst.

I have also had the pleasure of competing with a highly determined competitor, who goes by LoriB, and who has won this contest before.

Anyways, now that I seem to have won four of the six rounds, I am looking forward to the opportunity to try out the BlackJack phone. In the past, I have only used cell phones for.... making phone calls, but with an upcoming trip to Israel, I hope to take pictures and send emails too. With $500 in free service, I have nothing to loose!

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Eric Meadows said...

That is awesome! Congrats.