Friday, June 27, 2008

Guilty Unless We Make Mistakes, and We Don't

The incredible travesty that has been the WADA's (World Anti Doping Agency) witch hunt again Tour de France champion Floyd Landis may conclude on Monday when the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS) finally makes it's "ruling."

I could write an entire blog about how Floyd has been railroaded, but thankfully, someone else already has, the fine Trust But Verified.

As comprehensive and illuminating this blog is on the subject of Floyd Landis and his persecution by so called anti-doping agencies, I was shocked when it missed this interview in the New York Times.

Although Floyd is not mentioned, the first two questions posed to Dr. Gary Wadler of the World Anti-Doping Agency seem to allude directly to the Landis case.

Here is my favorite exchange: When asked about a new study revealing inaccuracies in testing procedures that result in false positives, "Doctor" Wadler replies:

"There is absolutely no risk of a false positive result"

Wow! There you have it, ABSOLUTELY NO RISK. All human errors have been eliminated, all mechanical failures are now impossible, an the latest drug testing methodologies are now completely infallible.

In late breaking news, all anti-doping scientists have now resigned WADA and other agencies to pursue new careers as the advent perfect testing has made their jobs unnecessary. Dr. Wadler himself is dedicating his life to building a luxury ship that will cross the Atlantic at record speed. Sources say that he believes this vessel to be unsinkable.

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