Sunday, January 22, 2012

Financial Bloggers of Denver Unite

My freelance writing career has two areas of focus that overlap. One is travel, which is a real passion of mine. The other is personal finance, which is more of a skill and an obsession. In 2011, the first FinCon, personal finance bloggers conference was held in Chicago. I was unable to attend, and it felt like I missed a big party that all of my friends were going to.

In 2012, I am very proud to say that Denver will be hosting the 2d annual FinCon convention. Hoping to make up for lost networking opportunities, I volunteered to organize a series of local meetups for others here in Denver who write about personal finance.

We just finished our first Denver FinCon Local Meetup. In attendance was Eric Rosenberg of Narrow Bridge Finance, Anna Newell Jones of And Then She Saved, and Lauren L. Burke from NEFE.  What the four of us lacked in numbers, we made up for in enthusiasm and excitement for being the host city for the National FinCon in 2012.

We are all looking forward to expanding our numbers for our next meetup.


Lia said...

Hi Jason! I met Lauren last week at the PRSAColo luncheon and she spoke to me about the FINCON. I'm really interested in participating! I blog at Smart n Snazzy, where I focus on affordable fashion, beauty, and tons of DIYs. I look forward to hearing from you!
Smart n Snazzy

Jeff @ Sustainable Life BLog said...

Hi Jason!
I was unable to make it this weekend (I live in wyoming) but hope to make it to a few before fincon12!