Friday, November 21, 2008

Big Delta Promo, Crash And Burn?

The link I posted yesterday now returns the message:

"We're sorry, this campaign is currently not active"

What does this mean? There seems to be four possibilities for people like me who have already registered:

1. Delta will re-post the promo, likely with some changes.
2. Delta will honor it, but only if you registered before they withdrew it.
3. They will honor the promotion, but only for transactions that occurred before they withdrew it.
4. They will give the middle finger to all of the people who registered. Several people at FlyerTalk have already discussed taking them to court if they do this. Considering how many bloggers have been following this,(here, here, here, and here) , that would rake in tons of bad publicity for Delta.

I hate to say it, but I think your best chance is if you TOOK MY ADVICE AND REGISTERED WHILE YOU COULD!

Update: I was right, if you registered, you will get the miles.

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