Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Court Ruling: Obese Given Extra Seat In Canada

A Canadian court has ruled that Canadian airlines must provide obese passengers with an extra seat for free. This has created a lot of controversy, and some pretty strong opinions against this here and here.

Here is my opinion:

This is an outrage. Clearly, people who are overweight are at fault for their condition. The litigant, Ms. McKay-Panos (if that is her real name) "said she was born with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a hormonal disorder that causes obesity in about 50 per cent of those afflicted." That means there is a 50% chance it is her fault!

This kind of thing would never happen in America, where the financial health of the airline industry takes precedence over the mere comfort and safety of obese passengers and the people sitting next to them. An airline ticket should only entitle you to one seat, as people should be treated by airlines no different than cargo.

Furthermore, how many so called "disabled" people were crippled due to accidents that they themselves were at least in part to blame for? Why should these freeloaders receive any special treatment? In the era of Roe vs. Wade, we also need to take a more strict look at people who's parents chose to give birth to, despite their genetic conditions, like obesity.

So booo to the Communist Canadians for unfairly interfering with the free market. Never in America would our government become so blatantly involved in the operation of it's corporations, especially when the health, safety, and comfort of it's citizens are involved.

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