Thursday, August 26, 2010


Earlier this month, my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting Salvador Brazil.  We were going to be in Atlanta, so going even further south was not too inconvenient.

We actually considered visiting Ireland instead, and we would still like to.   One of the things that appeals to me about Ireland is it's incredible scenery and culture.   The fact that they speak English there is a bonus as well.    While the place has a reputation for being cold and rainy, it can be quite sunny and mild in the summer when places like Rome and Paris are just a bit too hot for my tastes.

When we looked at going to Ireland, the Euro was still pretty high, and things looked pretty expensive there.   Even a pint of Guinness was going for something like eight dollars!    Now, prices have come down a bit, and I was even able to find some great deals on Hotels in Dublin, with many under 100 Euros.

Here's to the Euro staying reasonably low, and my chances for visiting Dublin soon.

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