Thursday, August 19, 2010


Most of the time I spend in Florida has been in the Ft. Lauderday and West Palm Beach areas, primarily because that is where my family has been.   Lately, I have had a couple opportunities to fly through Miami, and I forgot how interesting of a place it can be.  Think if it like a Latin version of New York, as there are so many communities of people from places like Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Haiti and other exotic places.   Beyond Latin America there are large populations of Russians, Israelis, Vietnamese, and other Asian nations.  With the people, comes their food, music, and culture.

Even at the airport, we were able to take in some great Cuban food, not to mention some interesting people watching as passengers arrived and departed to every corner of the Caribbean, Central America, and South America.    In the past, I have taken Holidays to Miami along with my family visits to check out the Coral Castles, Little Havana, and even some decent Israeli food on Miami Beach.    Certainly, the weather is always better there than in New York!

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