Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Credit Card Column

As my writing progresses, I now have the opportunity to take it to the next level by being featured as the Credit Card Expert at Money Talks News. Here, I hope to showcase my knowledge with some fun features, such as Hot Deals, Credit Card Makeovers, and News You Can Use.

Check out the new Credit Card page here, or browse through all my articles for Money Talks News here.


Anonymous said...

Questiong on your article "How to Get $1,000 Free From Capital One"

You stated you took advantage of this last year. So have I. You stated that "In short, you can participate unless you’re already a Venture cardholder".

But you said you took part in this last year. You stated "You can be a new or existing Capital One cardholder, as long as you don’t already have the Venture Rewards card. When I took advantage of this promotion last year, I simply called customer service and switched from another Capital One card to Venture Rewards. There was no credit check, and I immediately qualified for the promotion."

How exactly did you qualify if you had this card from last year's promotion? Did you transfer your Venture card to another card within Cap1 and transferred it back to a Venture card?

Please clarify. I'm in the same boat and did this last year. Wondering how I can replicate what you did to re-qualify. let me know. Thanks!

Jason said...

Last year I had another, non-Venture card. Venture was new last year so that was actually the default. This year, I am unable to take advantage of the promotion, as it is closed to people who did so last year.

I hope that helps.