Monday, July 5, 2010

Florida In 2010

While our news continues to be dominated by the gulf oil spill, it is easy to loose sight of just what has been affected and what hasn't.   Certainly the norther Gulf coast of Florida near Pensacola is being devastated by the spill.   On the other hand, the rest of the Gulf coast, such as Tampa, and the entire Atlantic coast also remains unaffected.   There may even be some great Florida holiday deals, especially to places like Orlando.   What often happens when there is a major event like the oil spill, is that people avoid an entire region.   While, that is unfortunate both for the local economy, savvy travelers will see this as an opportunity to travel at lower prices.  For example, tourists avoid countries anytime there is unrest, even if it is localized to areas hundreds of miles away from where they would normally visit.   Due to this phenomenon, I have stayed in empty hotels in Africa and the Middle East, and had a great time.

While I am not a huge Disney fan, Orlando is very convenient to the space coast. With a little luck, I am hoping to go out to see one of the few remaining SpaceShuttle launches latter this year or early next year.   Of course, neither Disney nor NASA are affected by the oil spill.  

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