Monday, July 5, 2010

Hot And Cold In Las Vegas

It was three years ago, when we were expecting our first child, that we went to Las Vegas in the middle of the summer.    We took one of those quick Las Vegas Holidays in order to give my very pregnant wife some needed relaxation. You might think that Vegas is the hottest place in the country this time of year, but in fact, in my memory, this was an extremely cold place to be.

At home in Denver, we rarely use our air conditioner, and are obviously very hot, yet in Vegas, our hotel was air conditioned so well, that it was like visiting a mountain top.   Spending a few days in a dry, air conditioned climate was a much need break from the hot house we live in, despite it being in relatively cool Denver.   A typical summer day in Denver may be "only" in the 90s, while a summer day in Vegas can easily reach 110!.   We relished the chance to enjoy the pool and actually experience some of the incredibly hot temperatures.   We didn't even need a towel, as the sun dried us off in seconds!

It is one of the ironies in life that Las Vegas in the summer can be one of the coldest places to visit.

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