Friday, July 16, 2010

Triple Bypass Bicycle Ride

Yes, that is me completing the famed Triple Bypass bicycle ride here in the spectacular Colorado Rockies.   Sure, my blog boasts "Politics, Consumer Information, Travel, Aviation, and Humor from a Mile High perspective", but in this picture I am actually over two miles high, at the top of the 10,662 ft. high Vail Pass.   Vail is the third of the three grueling climbs that make up the Triple Bypass.   In total, there is over 10,000 feet of climbing in a single day, spaced out among 120 miles.   

I have been training for months for this event, which marked the fourth time I have ridden this ride.   This year, my training paid off as I was able to complete the ride in 11 hours without serious difficulty.    It was challenging, but I did not experience the sense of complete and utter exhaustion that I had in previous years.

3,500 riders participated in the event, which sold out in a matter of minutes.  The riders were from all over the United States, and I even met several riders from other countries.   It seems that bicycling is one of the reason people choose to take their Holidays in America.   

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